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Advertise With Us

knowYXE is best described as a local, online TV station. We’re local news and information for Saskatoon presented to viewers through live interactive broadcasts. We stream to multiple social media channels and our programming is available for viewers to watch on demand after the live broadcast. Right now, knowYXE has six weekly shows and we’re adding new shows every month.


Our fan base is growing at a healthy pace. Globally, podcast and live streaming sponsorship is growing in popularity. Many companies use it because it gets results, even as results from many traditional media declines. Our overall viewership is lower than mass market media outlets; however, our costs are reasonable and we deliver a hyper-local audience concentrated in Saskatoon.  Here are some reasons why you may want to market with us.


  • Podcasts and live streaming are highly engaging

  • Listeners/viewers trust and respect the hosts

  • Listeners/viewers tend to be a desirable demographic

  • knowYXE has opportunities to deliver to you a growing audience motivated to hear your message

  • ​knowYXE delivers an engaged audience, focused to the Saskatoon area

  • Rates are based on measurable metrics, so as an advertiser, you know what you’re getting.


Expected Audience Demographics


Women: 73%

Men: 27%


13-24: 8%

25-54: 74%

55+: 18%

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