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knowYXE's audience is highly engaged, and focused in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Here's a synopsis of how our shows are doing, Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

If you're interested in sponsoring one of our show, please contact us. We're always ready to help.

At present, we have 3 shows available and looking for sponsors. We're adding more shows monthly.

YXE Sports Podcast - Weekly look at the world of sports, with an emphasis on Saskatoon and Saskatchewan sports. The show is hosted by Matt and Wray Morrison.

The Green Room YXE - Weekly round up of Saskatoon's music scene and interviews with local and internationally recognized artists. The show is hosted by Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair.

InFocus YXE - A Saskatoon centered game show hosted by Ian Roach. Viewers are shown a blurry photo of a Saskatoon landmark and guess what it is in the comments. The photo comes more into focus until the first viewer guesses correctly.



Video Views: 436

Audio Listeners: 59

YXE Sports Podcast

YXESP-GenderStats-2021-01-31 113842.png

Gender and Age Breakdown for YXE Sports Podcast

inFocus YXE


Video Views: 480

INFYXE-GenderStats-2021-01-31 113842.png
INFYXE-GenderStats-2021-01-31 113842.png

Gender and Age Breakdown for inFocus YXE



Video Views: 1,289

The Green Room YXE

GRYXE-GenderStats-2021-01-31 113842.png

Gender and Age Breakdown for The Green Room YXE

About Us

knowYXE is community news, sports, information, and entertainment re-imagined. We produce a stable of live shows, focusing on Saskatoon. Shows are delivered to viewers on multiple social media platforms and will always be free to watch and listen to. Along with live programming, all shows are available for on-demand viewing and listening. The knowYXE website provides the latest news and information about Saskatoon.


At present, knowYXE has launched with a handful of shows and we’ll grow in the coming months. The beauty of this model - we have a blank canvas and many hours of programming time available to us. We’re always looking for great talent and ideas.  If you have a show idea, please reach out to us.


knowYXE is owned by Melius Terra Media and Events.


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