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  • How does knowYXE make money?
    Well, right now, we don’t make money, but we’re confident we can. The main source of revenue will be advertising within our shows. As our viewer and listenership increases, and we gain more and more advertisers, we’ll start to make money. We hope to break even within three months and to start making a small profit within six months.
  • How can I support you?
    The easiest way to support knowYXE is to watch and listen. Our advertising rates are based on eyeballs and ears. By watching or listening to our programming, we’ll make money. Even better, support the businesses and organizations that advertise on our shows - and tell them why! Soon, we’ll have other ways for you to support our work. Soon, you’ll be able to make a voluntary monthly donation and buy knowYXE and show merchandise.
  • Will you firewall your content?
    No. Never. Our content will always be free for everyone. Period. End of answer.
  • Can I advertise on your website or shows?
    Yes! We love taking your money. If you’re interested, contact us at
  • I have a show idea. Are you interested?
    Yes, we’re always looking for new shows - especially as we launch and grow. We’d love to hear about your idea. If we think your idea will work, we’ll talk with you in greater detail, and share with you our revenue share structure. Please know, the path to richness for all of us is paved with sweat and hard work
  • Do you have a studio?
    No. At present, all our programming is produced on-location, or remotely. After months of experimenting, we have a live broadcast workflow that is reliable and stable. There’s also that whole pandemic thing right now. If our business model is successful, we’ll look at having a dedicated, flexible studio space in Q3, 2021.
  • Are you hiring?
    No. Right now, we can barely pay ourselves. All our current show hosts and crew work on a profit-sharing model. Maybe by Q2-2021, we’ll need help. Rest assured, you’ll know when we’re hiring.




About Us

knowYXE is community news, sports, information, and entertainment re-imagined. We produce a stable of live shows, focusing on Saskatoon. Shows are delivered to viewers on multiple social media platforms and will always be free to watch and listen to. Along with live programming, all shows are available for on-demand viewing and listening. The knowYXE website provides the latest news and information about Saskatoon.


At present, knowYXE has launched with a handful of shows and we’ll grow in the coming months. The beauty of this model - we have a blank canvas and many hours of programming time available to us. We’re always looking for great talent and ideas.  If you have a show idea, please reach out to us.


knowYXE is owned by Melius Terra Media and Events.

Advertising Opportunities

knowYXE is always looking to partner with brands and companies looking for a great sponsorship opportunity. Podcast and streaming advertising is growing in popularity and many companies use it because it gets results, even as results from many traditional media declines. If you think you're interested in advertising with us, please reach out to us!


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