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City Council to vote on bylaw to set limits on private, public gatherings

Updated October 29, 9:30 a.m. to clarify attendance limits are for events where proof of vaccine status or negative test is not required

Saskatoon City Council is holding a special meeting this afternoon, Friday, October 29, to vote on a bylaw that will limit private gatherings in homes and indoor public places.

If approved, the bylaw will only allow for:

  • Maximum two fully vaccinated families to gather in a private dwelling provided all participants are fully vaccinated. Children 11 years of age and younger are exempt. Food and beverage should not be served at the gathering.

  • Limit private gatherings in public places to fully vaccinated individuals or those with proof of negative test. If not, cap capacity at 25% of the gathering area's occupancy limit and prevent food and beverage from being served. Children 11 years of age and younger are exempt.

  • Places of worship will require proof of vaccination or negative test and attendance. If not cap attendance at 25% of maximum occupancy to a maximum of 150 people. Children 11 years of age and younger are exempt.

The bylaw is being proposed after the province refused to impose tighter COVID restrictions for Saskatoon. The city has been hit harder than many communities in the fourth wave of the pandemic.

The special meeting takes place Friday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. It is not clear how the provincial government will react to the bylaw. Premier Scott Moe has strongly resisted imposing tighter restrictions.

Appendix 1 - Bylaw 9782 COVID-19 Gathering Bylaw 2021
Download PDF • 160KB




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