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COVID update for November 1, 2021: 3 new deaths, 128 new cases

Saskatchewan reports 1 new death and 128 new cases of COVID in Saskatchewan. The seven day average of new cases is down 6 to 188. 26 patients have been transferred to Ontario. A total of 226 individuals are hospitalized here in Saskatchewan, including 167 inpatient hospitalizations and 55 ICU hospitalizations.

1361 daily tests were administered, down 448 with a test positivity rate of 9.4%.


Here are the numbers for Saskatoon for Monday, November 1.

Deaths: 2

Daily New Cases: 30, +2

Seven-day Avg. of Daily Cases: 44, unchanged

Active Cases: 448, -49

Hospitalized: 94, Unchanged

Daily New Tests: 355, -11

Test Positivity Rate: 8.5%

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