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Province reminds residents to monitor for booster eligibility

Starting October 25, the COVID-19 immunization program was expanded, permitting eligible age and at-risk groups to receive their booster or third dose.

The following are currently eligible to receive their booster dose at least six months after the second dose was received:

  • individuals aged 65 years and older;

  • individuals living in the Far North and those living on First Nation communities, aged 50 years and older;

  • health care workers; or,

  • individuals born in 2009 and earlier with underlying health conditions in people with severe respiratory conditions, people with rare diseases or very significant developmental disabilities that increase their risk of infections, individuals who had their spleen removed, people on dialysis or with chronic kidney disease (stage five) and those with significant neuromuscular conditions requiring respiratory support.

  • Residents of long-term care, special care and personal care homes and immunocompromised and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals including organ transplant recipients, those receiving immunosuppressive or immunomodulating therapy, etc. may receive their third dose 28 days after receiving their second dose.

A table with the list of at-risk populations is available at including information on obtaining letters of eligibility for presentation at the vaccination clinic.

Your immunization record will be confirmed at the clinic location to ensure that it has been at least six months since your last COVID-19 vaccination.

It is recommended that your booster dose match your previous two dose COVID-19 vaccinations. If you received two doses of Astra Zeneca, it is recommended that you receive an mRNA vaccine for your booster immunization.




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