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Province says highway construction season wrapping up

The 2021 highway construction season is wrapping up for the season. This year, many of the activities was highlighted by construction of new passing lanes and road improvements near provincial parks.

"Improving highway safety is vital for our government and we continue to make record investments into our transportation system," Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said. "With this year's projects, the province is on track to meet its Growth Plan target."

The Government of Saskatchewan has improved more than 1,000 km of provincial highways this year, the second of its 10-year Growth Plan goal to build and upgrade 10,000 km of highways.

A key commitment for the 2021-22 construction season was the installation of new passing lanes on Highways 2, 3, 7, 14, 16 and 39 in Saskatchewan. While some passing lanes on Highway 16 will be open this winter, additional work will be required in the spring. Passing lanes provide more opportunities for drivers to pass safely and reduce collisions.

Highway improvements made this construction season include:

  • 175 km of repaving;

  • 635 km of pavement sealing and medium preservation treatments; and

  • 240 km of Thin Membrane Surface and rural highway upgrades.

This year's construction season also included completion of a bridge rehabilitation on Highway 1 east of Swift Current as well as 12 bridge and culvert replacements across the province including Highways 2, 5, 18, 26, 35 and 165.

Government continues to invest in intersections and road safety. As part of a five-year $100 million commitment to intersections and road safety, several projects were completed including:

  • Intersection rumble strips at the junction of Highway 9 and Highway 22;

  • Intersection improvements on Highway 364 at Balgonie;

  • Intersection improvements at the junction of Highway 11 and North Grid Road north of Dundurn; and

  • Intersection sight triangle and right-of-way sightline improvements across the province. To date 60 per cent of all highway intersections in Saskatchewan have been addressed.

Two additional projects are expected to be completed this winter including lighting at the junction of Highway 9 and Highway 18, and a flashing warning light at the junction of Highway 55 and Highway 240.




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