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Renovated learning centre at zoo to open Friday

Renovations to the Affinity Learning Centre at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo (Zoo) are nearly complete and the building is set to open to the public on Friday, November 26.

“We have completely redesigned the layout of the Affinity Learning Centre and added some really amazing exhibits that will be home to several new species like the colourful poison dart frogs, axolotl and a variety of cichlids from Lake Malawi, Africa,” says Jeff Mitchell, Zoo Manager.

The newly renovated facility will be home to a variety of reptiles, amphibians and fish including:

  • Poison Dart Frogs

  • Hermann’s Tortoise

  • Ball Python

  • Western Tiger Salamander

  • Axolotl

  • Garter Snake

  • Blue-tongued Skink

  • Cichlids from Lake Malawi, Africa

The Zoo would like to thank the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation, Affinity Credit Union and Krawchuck Construction for their continued partnership and support of the Affinity Learning Centre.




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