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Saskatoon Public Schools approve employee vaccine procedure

Saskatoon Public Schools has approved an administrative procedure that will require employees to be fully vaccinated or provide regular negative COVID-19 test results.

The procedure was approved by the division's administrative council on Monday. While the procedure has been adopted by the administration, it is supported by the division's trustees.

All division staff members are required to complete a declaration before November 15 stating they are one of the following: fully vaccinated and willing to disclose their vaccination status; partially vaccinated, unvaccinated, or unwilling to disclose their vaccination status; or unable to be vaccinated due to health reasons or protected grounds under the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

Following declaration, supervisors will meet individually with employees who identify as fully vaccinated to confirm their vaccination status. All remaining staff members will be subject to weekly testing requirements beginning November 29.

The new procedure applies to the following individuals who work with and in schools:

  • Permanent, temporary, substitute and casual employees;

  • Contractors working in division buildings during school/office hours;

  • Parents, caregivers, volunteers, and members of the public who attend

  • School-based activities (e.g., coaching, hot lunches, in-person meetings);

  • Trustees;

  • Contracted school bus and taxi drivers;

  • Post-secondary students fulfilling internships, placements and apprenticeships;

  • Individuals with external programs in schools (i.e., preschool, daycare, before and after school); and

  • Guest speakers and presenters.

Students are not included in the vaccination requirement. Also not included are parents and caregivers who are dropping off or picking up students, spectators at extracurricular activities, and participants in after-hours rentals.




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