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SK achieves vaccine milestone

As of November 8, 80 per cent of eligible Saskatchewan residents have received at least two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

As vaccination rates have increased, the number of new cases in Saskatchewan has gone down. The seven-day average of new cases is now 149, 70 per cent lower than its peak in late September, shortly after the proof of vaccination policy was introduced.

“Saskatchewan’s proof of vaccination policy has increased our COVID-19 vaccination rates the last few weeks, and I appreciate every person who made the choice to protect themselves and their loved ones against serious COVID-19 illness, particularly those under twelve who are unable to be vaccinated at this time,” Saskatchewan Health Minister Paul Merriman said. “COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be safe, effective, and the best tool available to us to drive transmission rates down in the province.”

COVID-19 vaccinations need to continue, achieving the highest possible rates province-wide in order to reduce community transmission. This will protect children who cannot currently be vaccinated and those at highest risk for serious illness, as well as preserve health care capacity with planning for service resumption underway.

Public health officials continue to recommend all eligible residents be immunized, as there is variance in regional vaccination rates which will continue to contribute to community transmission of COVID-19. Information on vaccination rates by geographic zones is available daily at the COVID-19 dashboard.




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