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SK Teachers' Federation calls for province to respond to increased COVID in schools

The Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF) is asking for the province to acknowledge the rate of COVID transmission in schools and take immediate action to protect students' health.

In a media release. STF President Patrick Maze says “Transmission is occurring in schools and it will not improve without action.”

Maze says the education system is under pressure and the needs of students aren't being fully met.

“Our health-care system is in crisis. The same decisions that created that crisis are being felt in schools throughout the province. Significant in-school transmission is occurring. Because of the confusion, lack of coordination and system failures, we simply don’t know the full extent. What we do know is students’ health, mental well-being and education are being impacted for the third school year in a row; we also know what measures can reduce the risk and impact.” - STF President Patrick Maze

In a letter to the government STF is asking for the government to address a number of issues:

  • Breakthrough cases in vaccinated school staff

  • Inconsistent approaches to declaring outbreaks and isolation requirements

  • Increasing difficulties securing substitute teachers

  • Significant delays in contact tracing

  • Reinstatement of the Education Sector Response Planning Team



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