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knowYXE strives to be as transparent as possible with our journalism. As such, the bottom of every story we publish is a key so readers know the source of the story’s content.


Transparency Key

SINGLE SOURCE - Only one source was used to create the story. This often means from a government or police media release, for example. Single source reporting will never be used in scenarios where double confirmation is required.


MULTIPLE SOURCES - Multiple sources indicates the information in the story comes from more than one source. It can be any combination of sources such as media releases, online data, original interviews, reporter observations, meetings, question period, and news conferences.


VERBATIM - The story is recreated from a source word for word.


NEAR VERBATIM - This means the story is presented with very light editing and little change in the substance. For example, NEAR VERBATIM is used often to change the tense of a story, grammatical corrections, and length.


STOCK PHOTO - The image used is a royalty free stock image for representative purposes only.


FILE PHOTO - The image is presented from our own file images for representative purposes.


ORIGINAL PHOTO/GRAPHIC/IMAGE/VIDEO  - The image captured is an original captured by knowYXE.


SOURCE: - SOURCE is used to identify where the image came from.


ORIGINAL REPORTING - Sometimes, we’ll mark a story original reporting to let readers know the story involved traditional reporting techniques and used multiple sources to create it.


About Us

knowYXE is community news, sports, information, and entertainment re-imagined. We produce a stable of live shows, focusing on Saskatoon. Shows are delivered to viewers on multiple social media platforms and will always be free to watch and listen to. Along with live programming, all shows are available for on-demand viewing and listening. The knowYXE website provides the latest news and information about Saskatoon.


At present, knowYXE has launched with a handful of shows and we’ll grow in the coming months. The beauty of this model - we have a blank canvas and many hours of programming time available to us. We’re always looking for great talent and ideas.  If you have a show idea, please reach out to us.


knowYXE is owned by Melius Terra Media and Events.


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