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Booster dose eligibility expanding October 25

Starting October 25, the COVID-19 vaccination booster program will be expanded. COVID-19 boosters will be administered at least six months after the second dose was received for the following groups:

  • Individuals aged 65 years and older.

  • Individuals living in the Far North and those living on First Nation communities, aged 50 years and older.

  • Health care workers, who will be asked to present a copy of their license from their professional licensing body or a workplace pay stub at the point of immunization. Saskatchewan Health Authority staff will be required to present their staff identification.

  • Individuals born in 2009 or earlier with underlying health conditions that are clinically extremely vulnerable including:

  • People with severe respiratory conditions including all cystic fibrosis, severe asthma and severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

  • People with rare diseases that significantly increase the risk of infections, such as homozygous sickle cell disease

  • People who had their spleen removed

  • Adults with very significant developmental disabilities that increase risk, such as Down's Syndrome

  • Adults on dialysis or with chronic kidney disease (stage 5)

  • Significant neuromuscular conditions requiring respiratory support

  • Those with the above underlying medical conditions, the Ministry of Health will be providing a letter to your physician or nurse practitioner for presentation at the point of immunization.


Artistic representation of mRNA vaccine viles
Vaccine Viles - Stock Image

Immunization record will be confirmed at the clinic or pharmacy location to ensure that it has been at least six months since your last COVID-19 vaccination.

It is recommended that if you received two doses of a mRNA vaccine, your booster dose should be the same vaccine type. If you received two different vaccine types, your third dose should be the matching mRNA vaccine -- a full dose of the type of vaccine an individual received for their second dose will be given as a booster dose. If you received two doses of Astra Zeneca, it is recommended that you receive an mRNA vaccine booster immunization.

If you have already received a third dose for travel or in a long-term care or personal-care home setting, you do not require a fourth dose. The third dose already received provides the necessary increased protection; you do not need any further doses at this time.




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