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Canadian Medical Association calls on SK reinstate strict public measures

The Canadian Medical Association says it is time for the Saskatchewan government to reinstate strict public measures to help bend the curve and reduce the demand on the province's ICUs.

The province released modeling on Wednesday that projects a significant increase in the number of people needing ICU care over the next few months.

It is time to stop asking nicely. We call on the provincial government to reinstate strict public measures, as recommended by medical experts, to protect the people of Saskatchewan. Any further delays are simply not acceptable. - Canadian Medical Association

The message was from CMA President, Dr. Katharine Smart, a doctor who also lives in northern Saskatchewan. In the statement Smart asks the province to:

  • Increase vaccination rates through mandatory vaccination in health care settings

  • Immediately institute circuit breakers

  • Seek help from other jurisdictions to provide additional support for workers and patients in need


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