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City reminds residents, snow removal is back to normal for this winter

Winter weather is on the horizon and snow crews are ready to keep everyone moving around city streets and sidewalks. Our fingers are crossed it will be a typical Saskatoon winter when it comes to snow grading and removal.

No one in Saskatoon will soon forget last November’s 30-40 cm snow fall that kept people at home for days. That was the first year in decades that snow was graded and removed from all residential streets.

Now that we’re back to “snow”rmal, please remember that snow grading and removal on all residential streets is not in the budget for normal Saskatoon winters.

When it snows more than 5 cm, a Snow Event is declared and contractor graders join the City fleet to grade all priority streets within 72 hours.

There are three types of priority streets that determine the order of snow grading.

  • Priority 1 streets get plowed first. That’s vital stuff like freeways, major arterials and bridges.

  • Priority 2 streets get graded second. These are the arterial roads with double-lanes and bus routes, like Clarence Ave.

  • Priority 3 streets are completed last. These streets take you through your neighbourhood like Louise Ave, Howell Ave and Main St.

Following every significant snowfall, City-facility sidewalks, Meewasin Trail, park pathways with street lighting, pathways along freeways and arterials, and bridge walkways are graded within 48 hours.



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