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COVID update for November 16, 2021: 1 death, 85 new cases

Saskatchewan reports one new deaths and 85 new cases of COVID. The seven day average of new cases is unchanged at 110. 11 patients are in out of province ICUs. A total of 171 individuals are hospitalized here in Saskatchewan, including 129 inpatient hospitalizations and 42 ICU hospitalizations.

1,495 daily tests were administered, up 378, with a test positivity rate of 5.7%.


Here are the numbers for Saskatoon, for Tuesday, November 16.

Deaths: 0

Daily New Cases: 14, -8

Seven-day Avg. of Daily Cases: 20, -1

Active Cases: 217, -1

Hospitalized: 70,

Daily New Tests: 258 , +10

Test Positivity Rate: 5.4%

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