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House fire leaves one looking for another place to live

At 09:35 a.m., the Saskatoon Fire Department received a report of a house fire with smoke and flame showing. Three fire engines, one ladder truck, one rescue truck, the Battalion Chief and a Fire Investigator were dispatched to the scene. First arriving fire crew and their officer reported heavy smoke showing. All incoming fire crews were assigned tactical duties and extinguishment was initiated from the exterior into the interior.

Due to an extreme accumulation of items in the yard and the interior of the structure, this posed an extra challenge to firefighters as they advanced hose lines and water onto the fire. The fire was knocked down at 09:46 a.m. while firefighters had to work around extremely congested conditions in order to get to the origin of the fire and complete extinguishment. Searches were conducted to ensure no one was inside the structure in need of evacuation. No injuries occurred to firefighters or civilians due to this fire.

The Fire Investigator identified many contributing factors to this fire. The utilities were not in service at the time of the fire. An inappropriate and unsafe heat source identified as a hand made furnace in a bedroom caused the fire. The makeshift furnace was constructed of a barrel to allow for items to be burned and inadequately vented through the bedroom window. The amount of items inside the structure contributed to the spread of fire and its challenge in being extinguished. Damage is estimated to be $50, 000 as the fire extended from the bedroom and its window into the roof. Cause of the fire was determined to be accidental.

Due to the extreme amount of materials loitering inside and outside of the structure, the Fire Investigator will be issuing Orders under the Property Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 8175 requiring the removal of items and a separate Order will be issued requiring repairs to the structure due to the fire damage. The house is being closed under the Authority of the Saskatoon Fire Department due to the lack of utilities, fire damage and the extreme accumulation identified.

One occupant is displaced due to this fire and has found alternate accommodations.




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