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Metal recycling company to move from Avenue P to Marquis Industrial

Saskatoon Land and Inland Steel Products have reached an agreement on a parcel in the Marquis Industrial area which will lead to the relocation of the company’s current operations at Avenue P and 17th Street West.

“Reaching this land agreement with Saskatoon Land creates the opportunity for our company to build a new headquarters and state-of-art metal recycling facility in Saskatoon, where our family business was formed 55 years ago,” says Matt Ditlove, President of Inland Steel Products. “This investment demonstrates our company’s continued commitment to serving the people of Saskatoon and surrounding area, and to the creation of additional jobs for our community.”

The new expanded metal recycling facility on the Marquis lands will ensure a fast and stress-free experience for recycling scrap metal in Saskatoon, for both industrial vendors and individuals. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art processing equipment will increase the company’s ability to recycle more volume and continue to grow the company’s ability to service clients throughout Saskatchewan. Mayor Charlie Clark says Inland’s decision demonstrates confidence in Saskatoon’s future, which is especially welcome as we come through the pandemic


“This project is a big win-win for the community and for Inland Steel.  It is a great commitment by Inland Steel to continue to grow this company and create good jobs right here in Saskatoon, as they expand their activities across the continent.  Moving their activities from Avenue P to the North Industrial will also reduce heavy industrial activity close to the homes and schools in that area, which has been a long term goal for the city.”

The City had three parcels that total nearly 12.4 hectares (30.6 acres including a 10.7 ha or 26.4 acre industrial site) which had been held back from the market with the strategy that it would attract a heavy industrial buyer such as Inland Steel Products to foster expansion, relocation and job creation in the region.

“These parcels are shovel-ready,” says Frank Long, Director of Saskatoon Land. “All are fully serviced and immediately available for construction.”

The land deal will set in motion the opportunity to have the current Inland Steel site rezoned for light industrial uses.

“We’ve wanted to move away from heavy industrial uses in this area for many years,” says Director of Planning and Development, Lesley Anderson. “With Inland’s eventual departure, future land use on the site as a light industrial use will be a better fit with the surrounding residential neighbourhoods.”



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