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Province allows restaurants to deliver booze

Effective immediately, Saskatchewan restaurants that hold a liquor permit will be able to sell alcohol with takeout/delivery orders. The change is the result of regulatory changes recently made by the Government of Saskatchewan.

"The pandemic hit the service industry particularly hard," Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Jim Reiter said. "These regulatory changes will provide additional service options for liquor-permitted restaurants and retailers to consider."

The province's 900 liquor-permitted restaurants will be able to provide delivery of food/alcohol orders without obtaining a separate home delivery permit. This includes beer, wine, mixed cocktails and growlers, providing a range of options for restaurants to best serve their customer preferences. While restaurants will be able to sell alcohol with food orders for takeout/delivery, they will not be authorized to operate as full scale liquor retailers - they cannot establish retail displays or have in-location shopping for takeout alcohol.

In addition, the province's approximately 620 Retail Store Permittees will have the ability to provide home delivery of alcohol without having to apply and pay for a separate home delivery permit.



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