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SK Vaccine Eligibility Drops To Age 23

Effective, 8:00 a.m., May 14, 2021, eligibility in the provincial age-based immunization program moves to 23 years of age and older, Residents living in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District, where it remains at age 18 and older. This applies to all immunization clinics: booked appointments, pharmacies, drive-thru/walk-in, and mobile.

Clinic availability is based on vaccine availability, and demand for appointments outweighs the current vaccine supply.

Residents are encouraged to consider immunization at their local pharmacy, or at a drive-thru or walk-in clinic.

Eligible groups include:

  • all individuals 23 years of age and older,

  • individuals 18 years of age and older living in the Northern Saskatchewan Administration District,

  • all remaining phase one health care workers,

  • additional front-line workers and First Responders as identified in this list, and

  • people with underlying health conditions who are clinically extremely vulnerable through an eligibility letter.




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