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The Green Room YXE #04

Producer/Engineer/Mixer DALE PENNER is the driving force behind Paradise Alley Productions. Countless projects have benefited from Penner's production and engineering, including; Nickelback's The State (Roadrunner) certified platinum in America and Canada and scored Two Billboard Top Ten Singles ("Leader of Men" and "Breathe").

Dale received the "Producer of the Year" award at the WCMA's for his work on Holly McNarland's (Universal) platinum selling Stuff sophomore release. Other Penner production credits include: The Matthew Good Band, Econoline Crush and Montreal's Jonas (Certified Gold & nominated for "Rock Album of the Year" at the 2006 Juno Awards). In fall of 2010 Dale was once again nominated "Producer of the Year" for Western Canada. In 2018 Dale was nominated for Producer of the Year at the Gospel Music Awards for his work with Rosemary Siemens & The Sweet Sound Revival.

TERRY HOKNES has been a staple of the Saskatoon music scene for over three decades as a musician, multi-instrumentalist (vocals/guitar/piano/ bass/double bass/ drums), music biz/music chart analyst, performer, producer and music teacher. Terry has performed in various groups from orchestras to rock bands and performed hundreds of shows as a Beatles, Elton John and Roy Orbison impersonator. He is the leader of the Dueling Pianos show which tours the province. TERRY HOKNES main focus these days is Saskatoon History. He is publishing a 60 volume book Saskatoon Encyclopedia series all by himself. The first 9 books have been completed and published and are available through Terry is in the process of reading and indexing every historically important article from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix published during the 20th Century and has 1 million pages to go through. He is 2/3 into this massive project.





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