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Vaccine Eligibility Drops To Age 12

Eligibility criteria for the first COVID 19 vaccine moves to age 12 and older today (Thursday). Only the Pfizer vaccine has been approved for use with residents aged 12 to 17. A school immunization program for those aged 12-17 will be introduced in June, although eligible residents of this age can be immunized at any of the clinics currently offering the Pfizer vaccine.

Eligibility criteria for second doses remains unchanged at 85 years and older OR anyone of any age who received their first dose before February 15.

Eligible groups include:

First Doses

  • all individuals 12 years of age and older

Second Doses

  • all individuals 85 years of age and older,

  • all individuals who had their first dose before February 15,

  • individuals diagnosed with or being treated for cancer, who will receive a letter of confirmation,

  • individuals who have received solid organ transplants, who will receive a letter of confirmation.




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